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Pays // Country


Réalisation // Director

Sébastien Tulard


Drame biographique
(Biographical drama)

Durée // Runtime

110 min


Général (general)

Langue // Language

Français (French)

Sous-titres // Subtitles

Anglais (English)

Sugar and Stars

Friday, October 27 at 7 p.m.

Cast:  Riadh Belaïche, Loubna Abidar, Marwan Amesker, Patrick d'Assumçao, Christine Citti, Dycosh, Esteban, Pascal Légitimus, Anis Mansour


The son of an abusive mother, Yazid has to spend his childhood in a foster family where he became interested in baking. Early into adulthood, after an unstable adolescence, he is recruited by a starred chef who was able to see his potential. If Yazid learns to control his temperament, his exceptional talent as a pastry chef will allow him to achieve feats.

Based on the life of Yazid Ichemrahen, who won the title of World Champion in Frozen Dessert, representing France in 2014.

Merci - Thank you
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